pmrfc3164: Parse RFC3161-formatted messages

Author: Rainer Gerhards

This parser module is for parsing messages according to the traditional/legacy syslog standard RFC 3164

It is part of the default parser chain.

The parser can also be customized to allow the parsing of specific formats, if they occur.

Parser Parameters

permit.squareVracketsInHostname <boolean>

Default: off

This setting tells the parser that hostnames that are enclosed by brackets should omit the brackets.

detect.YearAfterTimestamp <boolean>

Default: off

Some devices send syslog messages in a format that is similar to RFC3164, but they also attach the year to the timestamp (which is not compliant to the RFC). With regular parsing, the year would be recognized to be the hostname and the hostname would become the syslogtag. This setting should prevent this. It is also limited to years between 2000 and 2099, so hostnames with numbers as their name can still be recognized correctly. But everything in this range will be detected as a year.


We assume a scenario where some of the devices send malformed RFC3164 messages. The parser module will automatically detect the malformed sections and parse them accordingly.


input(type="imtcp" port="514" ruleset="customparser")


ruleset(name="customparser" parser="custom.rfc3164") {
      ... do processing here ...